forniamo prodotti - assistenza - progettualità nel settore delle forniture industriali
Our passion since 1959

We share with the customer the same passion and desire in getting our goals.
Our effort and perseverance let our customers be satisfied of our service and products.
If something is wrong, we make all the necessary to solve the problem.

The constant dinamicity of the markets

We know that today, more than years ago, the market must be studied and understood; for this reason we pay attention to the necessities and trends of the markets.

Ideas, staff and… solutions

Ideas are important but not enogh!
We believe in them to share them! All our projects are based on the competence of each of us; every day we work creating the company’s personality.

Synergies and new horizons

From Bonetti’s experience and from the market’s request we created Onexport: partner company, for the exclusive distribution of all our ranges in the international market.

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